Lloyds International College

History Of Lloyds College

Lloyds International College was founded by Kofi Ameyaw Osei and his wife Liba Osei in July 1999, as private College offering courses mainly to International students.

The College has always been at 307 Pitt Street, Sydney, being centrally located in a very accessible location near Town Hall Station. Initially it started on Level 5 as an ELICOS College, offering General English and IELTS courses, but then expanded into VET courses in Business and Information Technology. The College also expanded to included Level 1 of 307 Pitt Street.

During its relatively short existence the College has built up an excellent record of service to students, quality of teaching and compliance with government regulations. The English College in particular has always had a high reputation. A wide and varied network of agents and contacts was established and maintained.

The original owners were Caprock International Pty Ltd trading as Lloyds International College, and this was the basis of the CRICOS entries under the Commonwealth Department of Education Science and Training (DEST).

In May 2003 the owners of Caprock decided to move overseas to pursue other interests, and made an arrangement to sell their interest in Lloyds International College. New prospective new owners established a company known as Lloyds International Pty Ltd, with the intention of taking over the College. However, a number of factors worked against this arrangement and control of the College reverted to the original owners, who then looked for new buyers.

In September 2004 a new Board of Directors was established and Lloyds College now plans to move on and to develop and expand to the mutual benefit of students, staff and the international student area in Australia.

Recent events have seen firm articulation arrangements with the Central Queensland University campus in Sydney, the benefit for students being that they do not have to provide additional evidence once they have graduated at Lloyds.

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